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Air Humidifier Installation and Repair in Kelowna, BC

A large number of inconveniences accompany dry air circulation. From general discomfort to breathing difficulties, the implications are many. What’s more? Dry air tends to affect home interior such as wooden furniture and walls adversely. With complete control over the air’s humidity levels in your home, you get to redefine ‘home comfort’.

Our team of expert technicians will set your home up in Kelowna and nearby areas with air humidifier systems that are ideal for its size and dimensions. Compliment the efficiency of your home furnace or HVAC by moisturizing the dry air it releases with our air humidifier installation and repair services.

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What is the Need For Air Humidifier

Generally, people are not sensitive about the need for having an air humidifier in their home especially if you live in a cold place. Before knowing how beneficial this machine is, know first why it is needed in your home. If your house suffers from the following conditions then you already have high chances that there is low humidity inside your house or room:

1.) Dry skin   and itchy eyes.

2.) It’s hard to breathe well, and you feel like gasping for air.

3.) The home’s wooden furniture look brittle but those that are placed outside always look polished and firm.

4.) You feel too cold especially in the morning.

5.) Your room feels stuffy during hot days even if you open your windows wide.

6.) Your mirrors appear cloudy with moisture, and glasses fog up quickly inside the refrigerator or freezer while being used.

7.) Dishes dry out slower than usual leading to a higher electric bill for increased use of the dishwasher (if you own one).

If you answered yes to at least three of the above conditions, then you are highly likely to have humidity problem in your house.  Install an air humidifier and enjoy a more comfortable life for your whole family.

Air Humidifier Installation: The First Steps To Take

It is recommended that you install an air humidifier when it’s warm outside or during springtime. If there already is excess moisture inside your home then prepare yourself for the possibility of water leaking or spilling as this may happen especially if they get installed without checking if the drainage system is free from clogs and debris. If not, call a plumber immediately especially if it’s winter time so he can temporarily turn off the main drain and help you check the drainage system.

When mounting a new air humidifier it is always good to keep in mind the following points:

1.) Make sure that the location you chose will provide enough space for maintenance and repair.

2.) Keep out of reach from children as it is still a machine with moving parts, and they might hurt themselves if they play with it.

3.) Place it away from furniture including computers so water vapor won’t damage them when dripping from the air humidifier’s pipes. If necessary, install an extension cord so there would be no need for the unit to be directly placed on wood floors or carpeting.

4.) Do not put your hands inside the water tank (especially when it’s empty) to avoid slipping and hurting yourself especially if you installed one without a handle for easy carrying.

5.) The location for the air humidifier should be near an electric outlet as the unit requires constant power supply to run.

6.) Don’t place it on top of a shaky surface or unstable furniture as this may cause water to seep out from its pipes and damage your floors or furnishings.

7.) It is not recommended that you install an air humidifier away from windows as cold drafts are likely to enter your room causing uncomfortable temperature levels inside your home especially when everything outside is warm and muggy.

8.) Make sure that there will be no interference with the heating system installation including cracks in heating ducts, which can result in costly repairs if left unattended for too long. If necessary, contact professional to fix this problem.

9.) Find out if there is a need for electrical outlets near where the humidifier will be installed. It’s better to install an air humidifier away from appliance that are also powered by electricity as they may cause sparks and fires because of low voltage levels. Electrical outlets must be placed at least six feet apart so it would be easier for you to plug in or unplug your unit when needed. If the outlet isn’t enough then use extension cords instead but don’t use more than three extensions altogether, which may already exceed its capacity.

10.) Check if there are any restrictions on installation wherein most prohibit placing them within reach of faucet controls that open automatically or dampers that control ventilation systems inside your house, or close to air ducts where they are not allowed.

Air Humidifier Repair Service in Kelowna, BC and Nearby Areas

There are instances that require air humidifier repair service especially when it is installed a long time ago as compared to newly purchased ones. Below are the common reasons why you need to call an expert in air humidifier repairs:

1.) The unit doesn’t seem to produce enough mist.

2.) It’s already dripping water even if its tank isn’t full yet, which may cause damage on your flooring and furniture.

3.) There is constant hissing noise coming from the pipes of your air humidifier.

4.) You must replace the filter often as well as clean the area where the thing is placed due to bad odor and rust-like smell.

4 Do's When Installing or Maintaining an Air Humidifier in Your Home

Air humidifiers are great for eliminating bacteria and germs that cause worsened allergies and asthma. However, it is not the same with other common appliances since you need to do a lot of things in order to achieve its best efficiency. Below are some important steps that you must take into account if ever you want to maintain your unit in top shape:

1.) Always check the water level inside your air humidifier before using it. You can ask an expert before doing so especially if it’s not included in the instruction manual because they know better than most regarding how much water is needed for humidity control depending on the size of your home or office space as well as where exactly you will be installing your unit.

2.) After turning on your unit consider checking it periodically to check if there are any blockages in the pipes of your air humidifier. Aside from that, you also need to clean its filter often to maintain a fresh-smelling environment inside your home or office space.

3.) You must use filtered water when refilling your unit because water may contain harmful minerals that can be released into the atmosphere while the device is running. A few drops of vinegar once every other week will help eliminate bacteria and germs due to its acidic nature.

4.) Be sure not to place anything on top of your unit as it may cause over heating especially when there are cracks between tiles and foundation walls where heat escapes, which can damage the device more quickly than expected.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Air Humidifier

The normal property holder burns through $562 to introduce a humidifier with proficient administrations. Depending upon the model you pick, the work rate and the help time, this expense could go from as low as $200 to as high as $1,000. The average reach is $395 and $735.

You should check your humidifier filter monthly to ensure that it is clean and functioning properly. You should also change your humidifier filter every 1-3 months, or as recommended by the manufacturer.

The best place for a humidifier is in the lower level of your house because it is the warmest area. Humidifiers work by humidifying the air. They do this by evaporating water. This means that the warmer the water is, the faster it will evaporate. The warm air of the lower level will give you humidified air much quicker than air that is cooler.

If your humidifier is connected to cold water, it will work fine. Connecting your humidifier to hot water can cause it to break or become damaged.

A humidifier filter helps to absorb and trap dust particles in your home's air. You should change your filter once a month or more often if needed.

Fixing a humidifier costs around $235 all things considered. You could wind up paying somewhere in the range of $65 to $500 for your fixes depending on the severity of the problem and the location of the humidifier, however the commonplace reach is $119 and $351.

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