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When the heating system at your home breaks down, chaos ensues. In a city like Kelowna where winters are unforgiving, a faulty home furnace system is risky. We deliver timely fixes to your home heating system with our tried and tested furnace repair services.

Get your home heated heating needs sorted quickly with MSFR on stand by. We provide you with all the backup you need during the winter with lucrative service packages and essential emergency services. Our team of technicians are well trained to troubleshoot all major models of home furnace systems with a same-day completion SLA.

Why You Should Work With Us?

Furnace Repair Service in Kelowna, BC and Nearby areas

At MSFR, furnace repair is our main business. We have a warehouse stocked with parts and equipment to meet all your needs ranging from furnace installation to maintenance and repairs. Our team of trained technicians are well equipped with expertise in handling most major brands including Carrier, Bryant, Rinnai, Goodman heaters etc. Being an accredited company in the industry for several years now, we can boast of a high client satisfaction rate as most of our customers would attest to this.

Our heater services include:

Furnace Repair – When you sign up for any of our service agreements plan at MSFR, you get 24 x 7 round-the-clock emergency heating service coverage with one simple call or email. There is no need for panic when your home heating systems break down. We fix them fast and effectively and see to it that your home is warm again in no time.

Clean Heating System – To ensure continual service of your furnace, our technicians offer regular maintenance schemes at regular intervals. This ensures the longevity of your heating system while saving you from expensive repairs and replacement costs due to faults that may occur when not properly maintained by a professional technician.

Gas Furnace Repair– Gas furnaces are more effective than electric ones and have a higher energy efficiency rate which makes them suitable for homes with large spaces, great insulation and a number of rooms within. If you invest in this kind of heating system; we deliver efficient services required to keep it operational all through the winter season including installation and regular maintenance.

Why We are the Highly Recommended Furnace Repair Service Provider in Kelowna, BC and Nearby areas?

Most of our customers often demand furnace repair services for emergency purposes during the winter. It is not easy to come by an expert who has the know-how and resources to handle a wide range of heating systems in your home throughout 100 degrees of weather that occurs over a span of 50 days. We have been proving ourselves as one of the leading names in providing top notch furnace repair service for more than ten years now, owing to our high levels of commitment towards customer satisfaction.

We Provide Emergency Furnace Repair Services During Any Season:

The furnace repair services we offer are available for all types of seasons, be it summer or winter. In case your home heating systems stop working during the summer season, we deliver same-day emergency solutions. We understand the risks of keeping your family exposed to hot weather and will fix any faults in your thermal heating systems without delay. MSFR plans cover service calls as per need regardless of the season and time of day so you get quality workmanship from us at affordable prices even in an emergency situation when your house gets heated up by external factors like arson, lightning etc.

We Provide Complete Furnace Repair Services:

We do not stick to just one type of service when handling your furnace repair needs. Our technicians are qualified and trained to fix all types of heating systems from geothermal heat pumps, forced air furnaces, gas-fired furnaces, electric heaters etc. We understand that some home owners may have concerns about the cost of having their heating systems repaired by professionals. At MSFR we tailor our service agreements according to individual needs although most of them include comprehensive services such as installation, regular maintenance as well as emergency repairs during any season for a whole year at affordable prices. In case you need more specific services tailored to each particular model or brand you own; you can call us anytime and arrange an on-site visit by one of our experts.

Our High Quality Furnace Repair Workmanship is Guaranteed:

We work hard to make sure that you are satisfied with our job after every visit. Our company’s name has been gaining popularity among homeowners in Kelowna, BC and surrounding areas because we deliver high quality furnace repairs without delay at affordable prices for many years now. We have gained enough experience over time to handle most issues that can cause breakdowns or malfunctions in various kinds of home heaters and will fix such faults immediately so you don’t have to worry about it during the cold season.

Our Services are Available for More Than One Model or Brand:

We provide furnace repair services for all brands and models of home heating systems from the leading manufacturing companies such as Rheem, Lennox, Carrier, Goodman etc. If you own a certain brand or model of heater, we can provide complete services to keep it running smoothly during every season while also keeping an eye on its efficiency and energy consumption. Licensed Repair Personnel: We have licensed technicians working with us to handle furnace repairs in Kelowna, BC and surrounding areas. They have been trained by well known manufacturers to be able to tackle any issues related to your home heating system efficiently when they visit your house on site. You’ll get same day emergency help whenever you need. Contact us at (780)716-3624

Our Main Goal is to Provide Top Quality Furnace Repair Services in Kelowna, BC and Surrounding Areas:

While servicing heating systems makes our business profitable, we strive for customer satisfaction more than anything else. We want you to have a fully operational heating system all through the winter season so that your family doesn’t freeze on coming inside from an outdoor activity on a cold day. Your comfort should always be our main focus and it has been since 2009 when this company was founded. Our skilled technicians can handle most boiler repairs or gas furnace problems that you may encounter without delay which saves you time and worry during such emergency situations. The majority of household appliances are equipped with several safety features nowadays, the furnace being one of them. You can stay assured that your home heating system is safe and reliable all through the winter season when you choose MSFR furnace repair services on a regular basis.

Frequently Asked Questions about Furnace Repair

Normal Furnace Repair Cost Most mortgage holders spend somewhere in the range of $131 and $458. In the event that you have an electric heater, hope to pay around $300. The expense of gas heater fix can go from $375 to $1,200 as they are more intricate.

A furnace can be repaired by a professional repairman who can examine the furnace, diagnose the problem and perform the fix.

If your furnace is damaged due to a covered cause of loss, your homeowners insurance policy would cover the repair costs. Insurance policy will not cover for heater substitution or fixes if it's harmed in a tremor or flood.

If your furnace is leaking, making strange noises or not producing heat, the problem could be a faulty gas valve or a faulty furnace blower motor. You should call a professional for furnace repair.

The life of your furnace depends on a number of factors including the quality of the unit, the climate you live in, and your furnace's maintenance. If a furnace is installed properly, it should last for more than 20 years. This means that the furnace should be checked each year by a professional.

An older furnace is usually noisier than a newer furnace, and may have more frequent breakdowns. Uneven heat output or a decrease in the amount of heat the furnace produces over a period of time may be signs that your furnace needs to be replaced.

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