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The efficiency of heat pumps in air conditioning and HVAC systems are crucial to the systems’ overall performance. A severe drop in the atmospheric temperature tends to ramp up the load on heat pumps. From flash freezing to a decline in operational efficiency, heat pumps are susceptible to a wide range of problems. 

A dependable team of expert technicians to identify problems with the heat pump in your home temperature control systems can be invaluable during the colder months of the Edmonton winter season. You can count on our team of HVAC technicians to identify problems with heat pumps that maintain the warmth in your home, and deliver fixes on demand!

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What Makes Heat Pumps Fail?

The failure of a heat pump can arise for a number of different reasons. As cold weather sets in during the Edmonton winter months, so does an increased chance of a heat pump failure. Most problems with your cooling and heating systems can be traced back to one of the following issues:

Ingestion of Snow – If adequate steps aren’t taken to prevent snow from entering into the workings of the unit, you may be faced with serious issues down the road.

Heat Pump Seizures / Motor Burnouts– When operating outside the capacity range of what they were designed for, these units tend to seize up or eventually burn out when exposed to non-ideal circumstances at work—like prolonged exposure in extreme climactic conditions. 

Blockage – An obstruction blocking air flow through your heat pumps system can result in overheating and motor burnout. Heat Pumps are not meant to run their fans 24/7 in extreme weather. A worst-case scenario could be damaged defrost coils, compressor burnout and freeze damage to evaporator coils.

Badly Installed Units – When your heat pumps components are not installed by a certified professional, you increase the risk of costly repairs down the road. 

Tendency to Run at Full Capacity – Over time and in cold weather months, heat pump systems tend to run continuously rather than cycling on and off as they should—this results in poor efficiency and an increased chance of motor burnout or failure completely. This kind of system usage can lead to additional energy consumption which leads us to…

Heat Pump Noise – Your unit might be overheating if it starts emitting unusual noises—like a loud buzzing. If you hear strange noises coming from your heat pump, call your Edmonton HVAC company immediately to have it looked at.

All of these issues can be prevented with routine maintenance on the part of homeowners as well as proactive and preventative measures by the cooling and heating companies working in the city of Kelowna. Here at Michael Scott Furnace Company, we make sure that our technicians are certified for all makes and models of heating systems in use around the city. We also provide annual tune-ups on every system we work on throughout the year — ensuring longevity, maximum efficiency and quality performance when you need it most!

Our regular customers know that they can count on us to get them an efficient and reliable heating and cooling solution that will last for years to come. We pride ourselves on providing heat pump maintenance in Kelowna, and we’re proud of our stellar reputation as an HVAC company with integrity.

As Kelowna's #1 Furnace Company We Offer Heat Pump Installation At A Competitive Rate

Satisfaction – 100% guarantee, no questions asked

Cleanliness – Your home will be left clean after the work is done

Quality – We have a quality assurance program implemented to ensure that all technicians meet our high standards of quality. This includes third party drug testing and background checks for new employees so you can always feel safe knowing your furnace is serviced by professionals! 

You want a company that cares about your family’s health as much as you do. You don’t want damaged ducts or vents that could potentially leak carbon monoxide into your home. You also don’t want an HVAC specialist who will cut corners by using the cheapest supplies just to save a buck. You want a local expert who will take pride in their work, and you can trust that they are qualified to do so. When it comes to working with an HVAC company in Kelowna or the surrounding areas, there’s no better option than Michael Scott Furnace Company.

Heat Pump Repair Service in Kelowna, BC and Nearby Areas!

When you hire us for heat pump repair in Kelowna, BC, we always come prepared with the parts and tools needed to complete your job quickly. We work hard to ensure that all of our technicians are well-trained in their specific field. As a locally owned company, we take our reputation very seriously! When you call Michael Scott Furnace Company for heat pumps installation in Kelowna, you can be sure that we will get your problem addressed efficiently and at a reasonable price.

Contact one of our customer service representatives today to schedule an appointment for heat pump repair near me or any other HVAC services . 

Our team of technicians will arrive on time, and they will present you with an estimate in advance. You won’t be left trying to guess what the costs of your HVAC work might end up being!

Don’t let the chilly temperatures of winter get you down—let Michael Scott Furnace Company keep your home warm and comfortable all year long. 

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Professional Heat Pump Maintenance Service for the Residents of Kelowna, BC and Nearby Areas

For heat pump maintenance in Kelowna, BC and any other type of heating or cooling service you may need, we are the company to call. We’ve been your local experts for years, so when you call Michael Scott Furnace Company , you’re working with a proven name in the HVAC business.

With our team of highly trained technicians and friendly customer service representatives on staff, there’s no better place to turn for heat pump repair services! When it comes to high quality HVAC work and reliable customer care, there’s nobody else who can provide it like we do. 

Our regular customers know that they can count on us for heat pump maintenance in Kelowna, BC—and even if this is the first time you’ve heard about us, we encourage you to give our team of specialists a call! You’ll be more than happy with the expertise and professionalism that we bring to every job.

As your #1 HVAC Company in Kelowna , BC We Offer Heat Pump Repair Services At A Competitive Rate

We use only premium supplies for all of the work that we do. The materials used in your heat pump installation will depend on a variety of factors such as your home’s particular needs, but there are some things that are standard for all jobs. For example, ductwork is always installed by an expert technician who can make sure it is properly sealed and insulated from the inside out so that it can operate efficiently and effectively year after year. 

Our systems are among the most energy efficient available today thanks to their advanced technology and cutting edge design. That means that you’ll get superior comfort at a price that will leave more money in your wallet for other fun activities or updates around the house!

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Call MSFC for All Heat Pump Installation & Replacement, Heat Pump Repair and Heat Pump Maintenance in Kelowna, BC

When you contact Michael Scott Furnace Company for heat pump maintenance in Kelowna, BC and any other type of HVAC service, you’ll be working with a name that you can trust. We’ve been family owned and operated since 2009, so when we say that we’re dedicated to customer satisfaction, believe us! 

With our outstanding team of professionals on staff and the incredible level of service that they provide each day, there’s no better choice than MSFC for all your heating and cooling needs. Whether it’s plumbing repair or furnace installation , our experts are always ready to respond quickly. There isn’t another company around who provides as high quality of work at such affordable rates. 

Our #1 priority is making sure that each customer feels completely satisfied with the services they receive. That’s why we are proud to offer high quality HVAC products and equipment at competitive rates. Our goal is your complete satisfaction!  


Frequently Asked Questions about Heat Pumps

Air-source units are more common than heat pumps , however these heat pumps are becoming more widely used in all provinces of Canada.

Widely used The cost of heat pumps depends on how you hope to utilize the machine and what sort of warming you have now. Normal introduce cost of a 12,000 BTU estimated machine for the three models is: 19 Series model beginnings at $3,100.00 + HST. LV model beginnings at $3,900.00 + HST.

The advantages of a heat pump include efficient operation, quiet operation, and multiple applications. The disadvantages of a heat pump include the expense to purchase and install the equipment, the high cost of electricity to run a heat pump, the potential for equipment to fail, and the risk of major equipment failure.

Yes, a heat pump can heat a whole house when it's installed with the proper ductwork in order to distribute the heat evenly through your house.

The best heat pump to buy in Canada is the Daikin Altherma Hybrid Heat Pump. Although it is quite expensive, it is the most efficient and quiet, and it is easier to install. Smaller units are also available.

Heat pumps last for an average of 13-15 years, but this can vary greatly depending on its use, maintenance, and manufacturer specifications.

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